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VA Code in Flight Submission - ICD-10 Patient Treatment File Modifications (patch LR*5.2*442)
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Submitted by OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service on 01-28-2015.
This patch introduces additional ICD-10 implementation-related
modifications into the VistA Laboratory V5.2 package. The enhancements
being made support the existing business processes in the Emerging
Pathogens Initiative (EPI) and Anatomic Pathology modules. The scope of
this effort supports implementation of ICD-10 within the Veterans Health
Administration (VHA). The conversion from ICD-9 to ICD-10 requires that
all VistA connected applications, back-end processes, databases and the
Patient Treatment File (PTF) support twenty-five (25) ICD Diagnosis.

The Laboratory Emerging Pathogens Initiative (EPI) application allows the
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to track certain emerging pathogens
on the national level without the necessity for additional local data
entry. It is designed to automatically provide data on emerging
pathogens to Veterans Affairs Headquarters (VAHQ) without additional
individual data entry at the site level. Functionality in this
application includes using look up capabilities to add, delete, edit, or
view ICD codes for pathogen set-up parameters. Once parameters have been
decided, an extract automatically searches for specific ICD codes related
to certain emerging pathogens (e.g., Hepatitis, Legionella). The data is
sent to the Austin Information Technology Center (AITC) for initial
processing and coupling with denominator data related to workload.
Veterans Affairs Headquarters (VAHQ) data retrieval and analysis can then
be accomplished. Plans can be formulated on the national level for
intervention strategies and resource needs. Results of aggregate data can
also be shared with appropriate public health authorities for planning on
the national level for the non-VA and private health care sectors.

With the release of DG*5.3*884, the Patient Treatment File (PTF #45) now
supports up to 25 ICD Diagnosis Codes. This patch enhances the
Laboratory package to utilize a new Application Programmer Interface
(API) to obtain PTF related diagnosis codes for reporting.

Patch LR*5.2*442 makes the following changes to the Emerging Pathogens
Initiative (EPI) module:
- Data related to specific emerging pathogens is collected and sent to
the Cincinnati Mail Group.
- Data related to specific emerging pathogens is collected and sent to
the Austin Information Technology Center (AITC). The messages will now
have to accommodate up to 25 ICD-10 diagnosis codes associated with a
single EPI data record.

Patch LR*5.2*442 makes the following changes to the Anatomic Pathology
(AP) module:
- For the tissue review case report modifications will be made to the
retrieving and displaying the up to twenty-five (25) ICD Diagnosis,
Present on Admission (POA) indicators, and Procedure and Surgical Codes
that can now be stored in the PTF (#45).

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