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VA Code in Flight Submission - Surgical Quality Workflow Manager (SQWM) Phase 1 SR*3*179 v3.0 (code developed to gateway between the VA and Centricity).
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**6/20/2013: Follow on code-in-flight submission**

**6/26/2012:This submission is for the code developed to gateway between the VA and Centricity**

This project enhances the VistA Surgery package in support of the Surgical Quality Workflow Manager (SQWM) project.

The VA is implementing the SQWM project to create a national standard for site configurations defined during phase 1 of the SQWM deployment. Lessons learned during phase 1 deployment will allow for adjustments to the national standard through the project’s change control process and result in a single national standard for site configurations that will be used during subsequent phases and throughout the national rollout.

SQWM phase 1 deployments, as well as the national rollout will include interfaces defined in sections 5.13.1through 5.17 of the SQWM PWS which includes VistA Scheduling. This standard will provide the VA with a best practices approach which will be repeatable and reduce risk to the national rollout schedule. This will further the objective of managing quality on a national level.

SQWM provides a COTS-based software solution that will work in conjunction with interfaces established to communicate with VistA modules and non-VistA capabilities available through the VA wide area network. SQWM software will be hosted on hardware provided and managed by the Austin Information Technology Center (AITC) and will utilize VA networks for all communication between users and supporting systems or capabilities.

The scope of the SQWM system development includes: interface development, COTS configuration and customization, COTS integration with interfaces, AITC installation, testing, training, software maintenance and optimization, workflow optimization, and recommended hardware specification. In addition, user support and training services will be provided to facilitate a successful implementation and rollout. Training and user manuals, maintenance, and sustainment documentation will also be provided.

The SQWM solution includes the following:
• Preoperative management
• Surgery scheduling
• Day of surgery management and tracking
• Postsurgical tracking
• Quality assessment utilizing data (from 1-4 above)
• Management reports

SQWM will be installed and operated to support 21 Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISN), the 130 VA Hospitals performing surgery, and 754 Operating Rooms (ORs), approximately 400,000 cases per year performed by approximately 6,000 surgeons.

SQWM will be scalable to support additional users and procedure areas. SQWM will also collect and report on data gathered from VA medical facilities, providing a common and rollup view of the application data and enterprise infrastructure performance and capacity.
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