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VA Code in Flight Submission - Patient Care Encounter (PCE) Emergency Patch PX*1*208
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Submitted by OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service on 05-27-2015.
Patient Care Encounter Patch PX*1.0*208.
This patch addresses the following issue: Series, reaction, and contraindicated values may not get filed into a patient's immunization record. The SCREEN on the SERIES field (#.04) was modified to call function SERIES in routine PXVUTL0. Function SERIES attempts to get the MAX # IN SERIES value 1st from the IMMUNIZATION file (#9999999.14) using IEN=IMMUNIZATION (#.01) field value found in the V IMMUNIZATION file (#9000010.11) for the patient. If not found (this is a new entry, not an edit) then the function uses the IEN (Internal Entry Number) of the immunization selected on the screen as a pointer to the IMMUNIZATION file to find the MAX # IN SERIES. If neither are found the function returns 8. The SCREEN takes that returned MAX # IN SERIES value and compares the SERIES value that was entered for the patient's immunization. If the value entered for SERIES is not greater than the MAX # IN SERIES it passes the SCREEN and is allowed.

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