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Code Convergence - Inactive Allergies and Sign/Symptoms are selectable fix
Revision: 4
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This patch issues a modification to one routine, HDISVF01, in the HEALTH DATA & INFORMATICS Package.
The modification ensures that only active allergies will be selectable from the GMR ALLERGIES File (#120.82) and
only active sign/symptoms from the SIGNS/SYMPTOMS file (120.83).

Routine HDISVF01 invokes screening logic at entry point SCREEN for various files depending on whether
or not VUIDs have been created. If VUIDs have not been created on a system, the screening logic is not invoked.
Incomplete implementation of VUID creation on the version of VistA released via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
resulted in a situation where screening logic for this file -- which includes screening out inactive entries --
is not invoked. Thus, when selecting patient allergies using option GMRA PATIENT A/AR EDIT, if the user enters a
string that partially matches multiple entries in the GMR ALLERGIES File, all such entries -- both active and inactive --
will be presented to the user. This can present a confusing set of seemingly identical or similar choices to the user.
It can also complicate later activities such as attempting to find all patients who currently have, or have ever had,
a particular allergy.

Because VUID creation was fully implemented on VA medical center instances of VistA a number of years ago,
this situation does not arise within the VA enterprise. It is only in evidence in FOIA VistA and derivatives
of FOIA VistA that do not contain this or a similar patch.

The patch implements a workaround by forcing the screening logic to be implemented for the GMR ALLERGIES File
any time HDISVF01 is invoked at entry point SCREEN. If VUID creation is ever fully implemented on FOIA VistA,
this issue should be fully resolved.
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4Christopher Edwards09-08-2015Level 4
3Christopher Edwards09-08-2015
2Christopher Edwards09-01-2015
1Christopher Edwards06-09-2015

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