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VA Code in Flight Submission - Camp Lejeune-Veterans (CL-V) 4.2 (Code and Docs)
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In order to fulfill the legislative requirements, implementation of Camp Lejeune system changes through front-end applications (REE) are required. Downstream processes to implement a Veteran’s Camp Lejeune eligibility are out of scope for this RSD and will be implemented in a future phase of the CL-V project to include: point of care (Computerized Patient Record System, Scheduling, Pharmacy, etc.), and back office (Integrated Billing, Office of Policy and Planning reporting, etc.) processes.
The solution shall enable VA to:
• Enhance eligibility and enrollment processes to allow proper identification of Camp Lejeune eligible Veterans to receive hospital care and medical services from VA
• Maintain databases used to track and verify Veterans identified as Camp Lejeune eligible
• Enhance systems to automate priority group assignment, and to allow Medical and Ancillary Services to recognize Camp Lejeune-eligible Veterans for health care provision and effectiveness
• Provide communications for eligible or potentially eligible Veterans
• Identify and provide ongoing training to VA staff
• Provide customer service for eligible Veterans, to include behind the scenes work to streamline enrollment process, verify accuracy of databases, and training to staff
The following is considered in scope for this detailed requirements document:
• Capturing information at various points of entry (VistA REE, Enrollment System (ES), Veteran’s On-Line Application (VOA), CLEAR, etc.) required to determine Camp Lejeune eligibility for Veterans
• Making authoritative decisions on Camp Lejeune eligibility for Veterans (initial enrollment decisions and continuation of enrollment)
• Providing authoritative Eligibility and Enrollment (E&E) decisions regarding Camp Lejeune eligibility for Veterans to consuming applications and lines of business
• Incorporating information on Camp Lejeune eligibility for Veterans into clinical flows and back office processes
• Reporting to Office of Policy and Planning (OPP)
• Updating of Camp Lejeune information using existing data extracted from the Camp Lejeune Environmental Action Report (CLEAR) database
• Data sharing requirements from authoritative source to consuming applications
• Error monitoring and reporting
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