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Scheduling Package Refactoring API
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The overarching goal of any code changes we implement is to make the VistA code more modular and readable without altering functionality. Problem List was chosen as the first module to be refactored because it has a moderate number of dependencies to other packages, allowing our team to finalize a refactoring strategy and allocate ample time for certification.

With the lessons learned from Problem List, we are now applying these and our refactoring methodology to Scheduling. This module has a significant number of dependencies to other VistA packages, and thus require an increased concentration to the interactions it has within the system and how we are developing an API. Our team has prepared a dependency document [RGI_Open Source EHR Refactoring Services_Scheduling Dependency Notes.docx] outlining these interactions and it is available on our project page on the OSEHRA website []. We have specifically chosen this module as the next to refactor in order to align with VA’s active search into improving scheduling functionality within VistA; any refactoring completed by our project team should be helpful to future Scheduling design and implementation efort.
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