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VA Code in Flight Submission - Multiple Sclerosis Surveillance Registry (MSSR) v2.0.204.3 Source Code
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The goal of the Multiple Sclerosis Surveillance Registry (MSSR) project is to create a surveillance system for the Veteran patient population afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) receiving care through the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). This objective will be met through the collection of clinical utilization, demographic, and epidemiological data.

The MSSR project will create a surveillance system for the entire MS patient population within the VHA. This will be accomplished via the collection of clinical utilization, demographic, and epidemiologic data. It will also provide reporting capabilities on this Veteran population to VA senior leadership and Congress to shape policy in efforts to improve delivery of care.

MS Veterans will receive increased care via reporting capabilities and observation functionality created by this project. This data will be used for longitudinal analysis of the MS population and ensure that MS patients are evaluated at least annually thereby improving the quality of care for this patient group. The customer will receive a standardized means to input, monitor, retrieve, analyze and report data at a national level pertaining to MS patients.
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2OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office02-05-2016Adding in flight source code for MSSR v2.0.204.3 Increment 1
1OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office08-27-2015

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