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Five VistA ‘RobWare’ Utilities - Jan 13 2016 - VistA Community Meeting
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Submitted by peter li on 02-12-2016.
• CWAD/Postings Auto-Demotion – allows a site to establish a non-“Postings” TIU document type paired with a “Postings” TIU document type so that the CPRS postings box does not get cluttered with multiple copies of related documents. The software will automatically re-title previous instances of the document type so that they move out of the CWAD document class and into a regular progress notes document class. As a result, only the most recent and relevant instance of the given document type is in the Postings box.

• TIU Post-Signature Actions – allows a site to set up recipients to be notified when a given progress note title is used. The recipients can be individual users, OE/RR Team List members, Mail Group Members or a dynamic calculation such as the patient’s assigned primary care provider (PCP). Unlike “additional signers” which requires an action by the recipient, this process is simply a notification.

• Progress Note Cloning – allows a site to designate part of a progress note template to be stored/filed as a secondary TIU note of its own, or allows a site to designate part of a progress note template to be available to another note as a TIU data object.

• Alerts to Pagers – allows a site to designate selected orderable items to deliver a notification to an SMS-emailable device in order to provide off-line faster access and notification of an event than VistA alerts would provide.

• CPRS pop-up messages – allows a site to provide non-medical-record notifications at chart access for a variety of different features, including observation patient status, vesting patient status, MRSA history, broadcast announcements, etc.

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