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VA Code in Flight Submission - Health Eligibility Center (HEC) CRM System Pilot RSD/SDD (Docs Only)
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Submitted by OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office on 04-14-2016.
The Health Eligibility Center (HEC) will determine Veterans’ eligibility for enrollment, provide eligibility and enrollment guidance to the nation’s VA medical centers (VAMC), and execute a host of complementary services in direct support of this mission.

The scope of this effort is to build and deploy a new HEC CRM system that will provide the following: integrated view of Veteran data using VA enterprise services, the ability to integrate to various systems, the ability of Warm Transfer calls, the ability to ID proof a Veteran, a workflow capability, the ability to capture and report on metrics, the ability to capture and categorize an interaction, a correspondence capability, an audit capability, the ability to capture and update notes, and flagging and alert capabilities.

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