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VA Code in Flight Submission - Existing Product Intake Program (EPIP) Intake 11 NSR 20100311 CPRS Laboratory Monitoring In Process Patch OR*3.0*420 (code and docs)
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Submitted by OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service on 04-19-2016.
The OR*3.0*420 - CPRS LABORATORY MONITORING patch will modify the existing Pharmacy package in VistA to display the most recent associated lab results when a clinician is ordering medication using the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) Inpatient or Outpatient Medication Order dialogs. Without this modification, the clinician must look in numerous locations for this information. The information is important for safe and effective medication management.
The lab results for the most recent lab test associated with an Orderable Item will be displayed in the Information field in the Medication Order dialog once an Orderable Item is selected. Once a dispense drug is chosen (by selecting a dosage in the order dialog), the lab test information will be replaced by the National Standard Orderable Item Information found in the ORDER MESSAGE (#8) field of the ORDERABLE ITEMS (#101.43) file. This message currently shows in CPRS when ordering a dispense drug and is not changed by this modification. In order to monitor lab results, lab tests are associated with an Orderable Item using the PSS DRUG ENTER/EDIT option in VistA by entering a lab test in the LAB TEST MONITOR (#17.2) field of the DRUG (#50) file.
The NSR for this intake addresses the following requirement:
* VHBAO:NEED126: Ability to display laboratory test results, in a single view, for ordering inpatient and outpatient medications while viewing the Medication Order dialog in CPRS.
To use the features, the following setup steps are advised:
* Establish drug-to-lab mapping relationship using the PSS DRUG ENTER/EDIT option. Follow the OUTPATIENT marking pathway to set up a LAB MONITOR drug. Lab name, specimen type and number of days to look back are required fields for the program to work.
* If not already set correctly, review the site local terms for SERUM CREATININE and SERUM SPECIMEN in the CPRS Order Check menus. This is required for calculation of Creatinine Clearance.
* When the lab requested is "Creatinine", a second line for CrCl will be returned.
The routine ORWDPLM2 is included. This is a version of the display that will work as a TIU OBJECT.

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