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VA Code in Flight Submission - Insurance Verification Processor (IVP) Phase 1, code only IB*2.0*527_TEST_V13
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The Insurance Verification Processor will be a real-time insurance intake and verification processor developed for Insurance Intake clerks who perform Veteran check-in processes and Insurance Verification clerks performing authentication and posting processes. Therefore, this software must be available at the Consolidated Patient Account Center (CPAC) and at every patient treatment area of all Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facilities. The IVP application incorporates insurance card scanning and enables Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) Insurance Verification Processor file update and information management. IVP will be integrated with VistA Appointment Scheduling, Integrated Billing applications, the (#355.33) Insurance Verification Processor file, and the Patient’s file’s Insurance Type subfile.

The IVP system will be a new web-based GUI application designed to streamline the collection and update of patient insurance information. It will be used by registration, admission, and verifications clerks who will feed the information into the existing VistA Insurance Verification Processor File. This new application will integrate with the Scheduling application for identifying patients with upcoming appointments. A component of this application will allow clerks to scan and store copies of the patient insurance cards. Furthermore, the IVP application will also be used by CPAC staff for verifying entries in the VistA Insurance Verification Processor file and using them to update patient insurance policy information.

By streamlining the collection and accuracy of the information being collected, VA will greatly improve wait times, reduce data entry related errors, and increase revenue collection.
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4OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service04-29-2016Adding latest in flight patch IB*2.0*527_V13.
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