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VA Code in Flight Submission - PX*1*216v8 VIMM 2.0
Revision: 2
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The Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture
(VistA) Immunizations Enhancements (VIMM) 2.0 project, Increment 4, builds
upon the file structures and standardized data introduced in Increments 1,
2 and 3 by adding functional enhancements to the existing VistA Patient
Care Encounter (PCE) package.

This patch provides the following new features:

1) This patch introduces a new file, V IMMUNIZATION DELETED (#9000080.11),
that will contain entries that were deleted out of the V IMMUNIZATION
file (#9000010.11). Immediately prior to deleting an entry from the V
IMMUNIZATION file, a copy of the record will be made and filed to the V
IMMUNIZATION DELETED file. The date/time of deletion and the user that
deleted the record will be recorded.

2) This patch creates Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) for use by the
Enterprise Health Management Platform (eHMP) project, the Computerized
Patient Record System (CPRS) software and others. These RPCs retrieve
skin test information from the following files:
- V SKIN TEST (#9000010.12)
- SKIN TEST (#9999999.28)

3) This patch created an RPC to retrieve immunization data from the V
IMMUNIZATION (#9000010.11) file. This data will be used in the future
to retrieve patient immunization data and transmit it, using the Health
Level 7 (HL7) standard protocol, to external agencies (e.g., State
Immunization Information Registries). As part of this effort, a new
option will be introduced with this patch, Accounting Of Immunization
Disclosures Report [PXV IMM DISCLOSURE REPORT], that can be run from
the PCE Coordinator Menu [PX PCE COORDINATOR MENU]. This option can be
used to generate a list of immunization records transmitted to external
agencies. This option allows for a date range selection as well as one,
multiple or all agencies and one, multiple or all patients.

4) Previously, auditing has been turned on for all fields of the V
IMMUNIZATION (#9000010.11) file. This patch adds additional safe guards
to ensure that auditing is not turned off and that the data audits
cannot be purged for the V IMMUNIZATION file.

5) The existing immunization inventory functionality is updated to
include multi-divisional features:
- Inventory items may be linked to an associated facility.
- Inventory reports are facility specific

6) The immunization entry process is updated to require the entry of
Dose, Dose Units, Route of Administration and Site of Administration.
(Note: If route is ORAL, site is not required.)

7) The PX SAVE DATA remote procedure call (RPC) has been modified to
provide support for the following fields in the V SKIN TEST file
- READER (#.07)

8) The functionality for the Health Summary component PCE IMMUNIZATIONS
(IM) is modified to ignore time and occurrence limits, basically
restoring pre-patch PX*1*210 behavior.

9) This patch provides an alert whenever specific allergy-type
contraindications are recorded as a reason for not giving an
immunization in the V IMM CONTRA/REFUSAL EVENTS file (#9000010.707).
The alert text reads: "You have recorded an allergy/adverse reaction
contraindication reason. This information should also be recorded in
the Adverse Reaction Tracking package if it is not already present
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2OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service11-08-2016Adding in flight patch PX*1*216v8.
1OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service08-05-2016

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