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The Socratic Grid Project
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Submitted by Doug Burke on 06-05-2013.
Socratic Grid is an emerging Clinical Decision Support (CDS) platform for health care environments. It seeks to provide the knowledge management, business intelligence and predictive analytic technologies required for advanced cognitive and workflow optimization. An Event Driven Architecture (EDA), combined with a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), is used to deploy and manage these capabilities. The EDA handles the temporal aspects required for effective Clinical Decision Support, including initiating appropriate analytic processing in response to real-time events. Triggers can be messages, for example, HL7 transaction sets used to communicate laboratory results or patient monitor waveforms that require Complex Event Processing to be handled effectively. The initiated workflows are then managed using SOA components; each service ensuring that core business logic is well abstracted, reusable, and encapsulated behind standards-based inter-faces. A workflow engine provides the advanced process orchestration and state management critical for executing complex clinical guidelines and treatment plans.

The Socratic Grid Project source code, distributed under the Apache 2.0 license, is available from

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