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VA Code in Flight Submission - Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Registry Enhancements code and docs
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The Traumatic Brain Injury Registry supports recommendations from the Presidential Task Force on GWOT for surveillance. This software application collects standardized data on the targeted cohort of Veterans, and provides the technological infrastructure to track longitudinal functional outcomes. Further development is required to fully enable this possibility, but TBI currently provides the framework for this vision to be realized. In order to expand the current TBI Registry capability, the following enhancements are requested: A. Registry Database: The TBI Instruments package shall tie together diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes to assist clinicians in monitoring functional status across the rehabilitation continuum by providing a patient summary of recent clinical activity to the end user. B. Registry Database: The TBI Instruments package will be enhanced by the addition of up to 5 instruments and enhancements to all existing instruments based on Subject Matter Expert (SME) feedback and cutting edge research findings which change the standard of practice in the field. C. Reporting: All data tables collected from TBI instruments will be consolidated into a single data table to be utilized for all reporting activities. D. Reporting: Canned reports will be created to provide summary outcome reporting based on the end user's selections for data elements such as dates of service, location of service, instrument, and program area. E. Reporting: Reporting cube will be enhanced to provide summary data elements providing outcomes for all standardized forms in the TBI Instruments package. This enhancement will allow facility level summary data to be reported based on the user's preference for other keyed variables such as date, location. Gender, age, etc.
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5OIT EPMO Open Source Coordination Office12-06-2016Uploaded latest code and docs for v3.0.0.
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