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CPRS Medication Dialog Complex Order Fixes
Revision: 3
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Complex Orders for Medication (i.e. those that has use the "complex" dialog when ordering a medication in CPRS) did not calculate correct start dates in many circumstances; and the expected start date on the ordering dialog sometimes was incorrect as well. The VA has previously attempted to fix this in PSJ*5*235 and OR*3.0*333; but these patches were withdrawn. DSS is happy to present verified fixes to these issues, along with Unit Tests to prove this.

The supplied KIDS build fixes the following VA Remedy Tickets:

HD0000000349678 - QOD (every other day) schedule not working
HD0000000350458 - Problem with start time of order
HD0000000380843 - First dose of an edited order doesn't appear on anticipated date of next day for Q14day order
HD0000000410587 - QOD schedule and BCMA
HD0000000486532 - Fentanyl patches order issue
HD0000000282528 - Complex Order using conjunction of THEN skips the first dose of the second part when the first part has a duration of 1 day.
HD0000000228645 - Complex delayed orders - copy and transfer problem
HD0000000236194 - Complex Dates Overlap on StepUp dosing
HD0000000391656 - Known Complex Order Issue
HD0000000467939 - Start and stop dates for titration order

The supplied KIDS build fixes the following Patient Safety Issues:

PSPO #1521
PSPO #1136

Please note that one of the routines modifies Integration Agreement #3167.
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3Joe Snyder01-30-2017Level 2This revision contains an updated version of the Complex Order fix which was added by OSEHRA. This fix removes two "General Syntax" from the ORCSEND routine:

The original line

Now looks like this and is marked by a set of comments:

The correct licensing information is now added to the download as well.
2Samuel Habiel01-10-2017Updated code to address other bugs subsequently found; reformatted release notes; test scripts included.
1Samuel Habiel11-16-2016

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Peer review by Joe Snyder:

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Final review by Joe Snyder:

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