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New and Improved Instructions for Installing VistA
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Submitted by Samuel Habiel on 02-07-2017.
List of improvements:

* Documentation source is now in rst for easy updates
* Full and equal coverage to installing VistA on GT.M
* Cache install instructions updated to recent versions; Cache instructions now include instructions for macOS and Linux.
* Global and Routine Mappings on Cache updated to include community software: Serenji, M-Unit, George Timson's % and %KIDS. Temp globals are now mapped to CACHETEMP.
* Introductions to Terminal Emulators and ssh; coverage of mapping F keys--Windows, macOS, and Linux terminal emulation software covered.
* Removal of unnecessary source code changes
* Device configuration includes Windows, Linux, macOS, and Cygwin values.
* Parent domain creation and email set-up to parent is covered
* All steps that need a DUZ use the POSTMASTER (.5) instead of DUZ of 1, which isn't guaranteed to exist.
* Taskman recurring/startup tasks covered
* Instructions to delete FOIA junk tasks
* Full Station Number set-up instructions
* MPI Local Numbers set-up
* Extensive instructions for broker testing and troubleshooting
* Coverage of the XUSRB1 problem
* Explanation of the menu system and its security model
* Reference to using wine 1.8 to run CPRS on macOS and Linux
* CPRS now features a connection dialog which is used instead of passing the server and port on the command line
* Instructions for registering your first patient
* Instructions for stopping VistA
* All instructions have full attribution and licensing information for those wishing to copy them

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