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VA Code in Flight Submission - VistA Service Assembler(VSA)Phase 2.5 v3.0.12(Docs and Code)
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Submitted by OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service on 02-17-2017.
The purpose of VSA P2.5 is to :

1. Transition the Platform prototype to a deployable initial operating capability (IOC) pilot package status; rollout the IOC package to up to 11 pilot sites; and provide enhancements, source code, installation procedures, documentation, and training. In order to transition the Platform prototype to a deployable IOC pilot package, the Contractor shall further extend the prototype to meet VA Enterprise-grade requirements, 508 compliance, patient safety mandates, as well as undergo extensive performance and user acceptance testing given the clinical nature of the solution involving direct patient care and safety.

2. Create a software development tool, VSAistA Services Assembler Wizard, to simplify the creation of VistA SOA services. The type of services that the Wizard generates and the types of services that the runtime environment can host and run are Representational State Transfer (REST) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) service.

3. Create, model (in runtime), develop, and deploy a VistA SOA Services Platform for IOC national deployment to host and execute VistA SOA services using Government provided test and development infrastructure(s). The platform includes a Federating Platform and corresponding service execution components that allows aggregation of functionality in multiple VistA instances. The platform components and service execution provide a simple view that exposes functionality in multiple VistA systems as individual VistA SOA services.
Identify and produce multiple sample VistA SOA business services as “reference implementations.” In the near term, VSA will use virtual integration environments provided by the Enterprise Development Environment (EDE) teams.

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