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VA Code in Flight Submission - RPC Broker Patch XWB*1.1*50
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Submitted by OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service on 05-21-2013.
RPC Broker Patch XWB*1.1*50 (unreleased within VA), provides additional Secure Shell (SSH) support for the Attachmate Reflections terminal emulator software using SSH tunneling to provide secure data transfer between the client and the VistA M Server. It also provides for the use of plink.exe for secure channels for those who may be using the RPCBroker outside of the VA and require secure connections as well.
This version of the RPCBroker will permit applications to run as they have in the past or using the configuration files that Attachmate's Reflection requires along with short cuts for the applications with command line information in them.
This change is applicable to updated VA Security policy addressing use of SSH in remote connections. Its need outside the VA should be individually addressed.

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