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VA Code in Flight Submission - eCMS Interface to IFCAP Phase 2 Increment 1 PRC*5.1*174
Revision: 3
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This patch is part of the IFCAP/eCMS Interface project, which is
establishing bi-directional communications between the VistA
package Integrated Funds Distribution, Control Point Activity, Accounting
and Procurement (IFCAP) and the commercial Electronic Contract Management
System (eCMS) located at the Austin Information Technology Center (AITC)
in Austin Texas. The goal is for the VA to benefit from eCMS's ability to
consolidate multiple requests, electronically prepare and issue
solicitation documents, receive electronic offers, automate contract
administration, and provide interfaces to the Integrated Acquisition
Environment initiatives.
The Phase 1 patch (PRC*5.1*167) created an interface to send via HL7
messaging a 2237 from IFCAP to eCMS and another HL7 interface to send 2237
Return or Cancel transactions from eCMS to IFCAP. This patch makes
modifications to several existing IFCAP options to support the business
process changes required to maintain the interfaces and also implements
improvements to the Transaction Report - eCMS/IFCAP [PRCHJ TRANS REPORT].
This is an IFCAP-only patch and does not rely on associated changes in
Among the enhancements are:
1. During edit sessions in options New 2237 (Service) Request [PRCSENRB],
Edit a 2237 (Service) [PRCSEDTD], Change Existing Transaction Number
[PRCSANTN], Copy a Transaction [PRCSECP] and Approve Requests
[PRCSAPP] the software checks if the Requesting Service field is
populated and each Line Item has an item description. If not, the
user is notified and instructed to correct the 2237 before it can move
to the next level of review. This will prevent the 2237 from being
sent to the Accountable Officer with missing field entries.
2. Currently, when an Accountable Officer (AO) attempts to send eCMS a
2237 that is missing required data fields, the IFCAP software blocks
the 2237's transmission and displays a warning message reporting the
first error encountered, but not any additional errors until the
previous one has been corrected and transmission re-attempted. The
software will now display all required field errors together at one
time. All missing required fields on the 2237 will be output to the
screen and included in a MailMan message to the AO. This allows the
user to correct each error within a single edit session and
potentially avoid multiple transmission attempts when the 2237 has
more than one missing required data field.
3. During the building of the HL7 message for the Send 2237 to eCMS
interface, the hard error due to a missing Line Item Description will
no longer occur. The 2237 cannot be forwarded to the Accountable
Officer for processing if a Line Item Description is missing.
4. A Supply employee identified as Manager also is now able to execute
the Retransmit a 2237 to eCMS [PRCHJ RETRANS 2237] option on the
Accountable Officer Menu [PRCHUSER PPM].
5. Three additional user groups can now execute the Transaction Report
- eCMS/ IFCAP. A Supply employee identified as Manager now can run the
report from the Accountable Officer Menu [PRCHUSER PPM]. The report
can also be run by Fiscal users holding the new security key PRCHJFIS.
Accounting Technicians will access the report from the Accounting
Utilities Menu [PRCFA UTILITY], and Budget Analysts, from the Budget
Utilities Menu [PRCB UTILITIES].
6. The interface for 2237 Returned by eCMS and for 2237 Cancelled by
eCMS will now accept a transaction when the status of the 2237 is one
of the following: 'Assigned to Purchasing Agent', 'Sent to eCMS
(P&C)', 'Returned to Service by PPM' or 'Returned To Service by P&C'.
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Previously it would reject the transaction if the 2237's status was
not 'Sent to eCMS (P&C)'.
7. The existing report Outstanding 2237s [PRCHOUT OUTST 2237/PA] now
includes 2237s whose status is 'Sent to eCMS (P&C)' and excludes 2237s
with status 'Returned to Service by eCMS (P&C)', as is appropriate.
8. The eCMS identifier at the 2237 header level has been changed from
'Sent to eCMS' to 'Accepted by eCMS' to reduce confusion with the
displayed document's status. This value is also more accurate as the
identifier is populated in IFCAP after eCMS successfully imports
the 2237 into the eCMS database and then sends the internal PR
identifier back to IFCAP in the Application Acknowledgment.
9. When a 2237 is renumbered using option Change Existing Transaction
Number [PRCSANTN], the eCMS identifiers (file #410 CONTROL POINT
ACTIVITY, field #103 ECMS ACTIONUID and subfile #410.02 ITEM, field
#100 ITEM UID) are now removed from the entry receiving the new
transaction number.
10. When the Accountable Officer (AO) in Process a Request in PPM [PRCHPM
REQST] is editing a 2237 which already has eCMS identifiers, as would
be the case for a 2237 returned to service by eCMS, edited and then
resubmitted to the AO, the AO can only accept the default status of
'Pending Accountable Officer Sig.', or change it to one of: 'Returned
to Service by PPM' or 'Sent to eCMS (P&C)'. The AO will not be able
to direct the 2237 elsewhere.
11. When a Control Point User in IFCAP cancels a 2237, or triggers
cancellation by changing a 2237's transaction number, the user's
identity and the date/time of the cancellation are now stored in the
2237 record (in the CONTROL POINT ACTIVITY file (#410), fields
CANCELLED BY (#104) and CANCEL DATE/TIME (#105)). When a Control Point
User runs the existing Transaction Status Report [PRCSTS] option on
the Display Control Point Activity Menu [PRCSD], the data in these two
fields will be displayed for those transactions cancelled after the
installation of this patch.
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3OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service03-02-2014
2OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service03-02-2014
1OIT EPMO EPMD ACOE Tools Operations Open Source Service12-05-2013

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