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Maternity Tracker Software
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The Maternity Tracker project addresses the gaps in VistA for Maternity Tracking and Monitoring through a combination of field tested enhancements for better screening, tracking, monitoring, and sharing of maternity data. Also addressed were, improving women Veterans’ access to earlier prenatal care, complete post-partum care, and educational information with an emphasis on care coordination in and outside of the VA. The following major areas were addressed as a means of improving access, safety, and quality of care for women Veterans:
« .Net Dashboard User Interface (UI) for the Maternity Care Coordinator (MCC) to track progress, manage care and make patient contact (at least one time per trimester).
« Enhanced VistA CPRS with customized Clinical Note Templates with flow-charting functionality to implement an improved monitoring process for determining/confirming pregnancy for woman Veterans of child-bearing age and gathering and storing maternity data which includes key reproductive health data elements.
« .Net User interface (UI) within the Dashboard for the import and export Clinical Care Documents (CCD), using IHE templates, HTML Style sheets, for sharing of medical data between VA and Non-VA entities utilizing existing Direct Messaging functionality within CPRS. The Clinical Care Document functionality provides functionality for incoming CCDs to be added as CPRS notes and adding the document to CPRS Note.
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3Josh Stephens06-19-2018Gravida/Para Summary now displays correct information
Education Items now correctly paginates
Education Item Detail will now show links to external sites if formatted as URL
Added ability to delete pregnancy deleted in error
Updated MCC Call Note to include "Difficulty with lactation" checkbox
Added "End" button to Note templates which takes User directly to last tab
Added Period of Purple Crying Clinical Reminder
Education Items now correctly display on the Patient Education Items view
Reminder Details view now correctly retrieves reminder details
Changed the DSIO namespace to WEBM
Update UI to Save and Retrieve Pregnancy and Lactation data to CPRS v31b Womens Health package
Created Detailed Test plan
Updated Installation documentation
Created User Manual
2Joe Snyder04-24-2017Level 2Update the submission with fixes from the first round of the OSEHRA Peer Review process.
1Jeff Harris02-21-2017

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