OSEHRA Technical Journal

The OSEHRA Technical Journal is an Open Access, on-line publication covering technical topics related to open source software for management of electronic health records. The goal of the Journal is to foster innovation and to channel this innovation in the form of concrete working pieces of software that can later be integrated into the OSEHRA open source platform.

The unique characteristics of the "OSEHRA Technical Journal" include:
  • Open Access: all material is freely distributed under open licenses
    • Source code: Apache 2.0 License
    • Documents: Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0 License
    • Data: Open Data License (by science commons)
  • Open peer-review: inviting discussions and exchange of ideas. reviewers are also publicly rated, creating a public system of checks and balances.
  • Reproducibility: all contributions are required to include the source code of working implementations. These are tested in an automated build system.
  • All materials are made available to readers, enabling them also to experiment with the contributions and to improve upon them.
  • Contributed source code is directly put in a sandbox repository where it can evolve and mature, with the final goal of being incorporated into the OSEHRA platform, if vetted by the community.
  • Support for continuous revisions: the technical reports, and associated source code contributions can be revised by the authors at any time. In this way the reports are corrected, improved and extended as needed, in response to the online discussions with the community.
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