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Title: Enhanced XINDEX for analysis of all M code stored in Data Dictionaries supported by KIDS


It has been found that XINDEX doesn't run or report on all VistA components that can be contained within a KIDS build. This creates errors of omission when trying to find other code references or compliance with the SAC.

What's New
The XINDEX code here is based on the latest VA code which was relased in patch XT*7.3*140 obtained from

The changes made here can be dividied into enhancements for XINDEX for it to be able to find and index all M code in VistA; Fileman Templates Pointer Analysis; and other enhancements to XINDEX, mostly bug fixes.

The authors will be referenced by their initials. Here is a list of all of them:

Christopher Edwards; CJE (main author)
Sam Habiel; SMH (secondary author; corresponding author for questions)
Joe Snyder; JS (contributor)
David Whitten; DHW (contributor)
John McCormack; JM (contributor)
George Timson; GFT (contributor)

More information can be found in the README.rst on the github page of the project.

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