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Title: DI*22.2*10001: Variable Pointer navigation incorrectly returns empty results

# Introduction
Variable Pointer navigation incorrectly returns empty results.

# Detailed Description
INC0105488 in yourIT

## Problem
Users who query Fileman for data can be given missing results if the query
contains a variable pointer relational navigation reference. This is the case
in a frequently queried field, the OBJECT OF ORDER field in the ORDER file. For
example, setting a condition of OBJECT OF ORDER:PATIENT:AGE30 will fail to
retrieve patients above 30 years of age if a. another patient with the same
name exists or b. the patient's name is not unique within the first 30
characters. If the results of such a report are used clinically, it will lead
to at least not printing data on patients; or at worst completely missing
them since they were not printed on the report--something which could have some
clinical significance to the health of the patients.

This bug fix provides the code to ensure that variable pointer relational
navigation references are properly implemented in the Fileman computed
expression parser.

## Resolution
Computed pointer resolvers in DICOMP0 previously didn't handle variable
pointers; instead it treated them the same as join extended pointer syntax
(value in a:file b:field in b) - see
for more information. Now the V tag creates DICOMP code specifically for
variable pointers.

## Options Affected
Any sort or print operation in Fileman.

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