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Title: Patch XU*8.0*10001, *10002, *10004, *10005, *10006: Enhanced VistA Kernel

This patch provides the following features:

* Many bug fixes to Kernel Routines that work with GT.M, including many speed optimizations.
* IPv6 Support for GT.M.
* Better and faster System Status report.
* Support for GT.M on macOS and GT.M on Cygwin x86-32.
* Implementation of previously redacted code for cryptography in XUSHSH.
* Broker Multi-threaded Listener for GT.M.
* RPMS Entry Points support in %ZISH plus sundry other entry points for use by PSN*4.0*513.
* ZSY has gotten a lot of new features, including an option to examine currently running jobs.
* $$BL and $$BE^%ZOSV for UTF-8 support
* $$ENV^%ZOSV to get an environment variable from the OS
* XPDUTL patch support to 10 digit patch numbers (overlay XU*8.0*672)

Full feature list can be found at:

Documentation for new APIs here:

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