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Title: PSN*4.0*10001 & PSN*4.0*10002: Port PSN*4*513 to be in a reasonable shape for the VistA Community

The purpose of this project is to port PSN*4*513 to be in a reasonable shape for the VistA Community. The package was released for use in the VA with several shortcomings:

Extensive use of vendor specific invocations in non-Kernel code (sftp, mv, rm, stat).
Reliance on a remote SSH server to download data files from.
A post install that displays error messages.
Inability to apply downloaded patches if they were downloaded outside of VISTA.

The new patch, PSN*4*10001, uses code in XU*8.0*10002 in %ZISH that allows for syncing remote https directories via wget. In addition the calls for mkdir, stat, and the like have been encapsulated into the new %ZISH. The post-install has been partially, but not completely fixed. See the sample installation below to see what to expect.

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