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Title: Victory Programming Environment (VPE)

VPE consists of a number of integrated programmer utilities that will increase productivity and decrease the number of key strokes required to complete normal programming tasks in the VISTA environment. Contrary to its name, VPE is not only for programmers. Many people perform technical tasks from programmer mode because it is so powerful. Think of VPE as enhanced programmer mode and then you will see that it is ideal for anyone who regularly operates in programmer mode.

Final Review

A Final Review is a necessary confirmation that all required procedures have been executed and the submission is complete. The topics and questions for the Final Review each correspond to one column of the OSEHRA Certification Standard Matrix and is what will determine the Certification level for the submission. The OSEHRA Certification Level achieved by the submission is the highest level in the Standard Matrix that all questions have achieved. For more details on the criteria for each topic, see the OSEHRA Certification Standards Document.

OSEHRA Certification Standard Matrix:


Topic Level Comments


Recommended Certification Level


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